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Vega’s Grand Opening! 

We’re finally done with the first bodega makeover. Congratulations to the Vega Family and the Roxbury community.

team members

We’re on Amazon Prime! You can now watch the trailer. 

bodega makeover Jerry Diaz

Host - Jerry Diaz

Bodega Makeover is excited to welcome Jerry Diaz to the Bodega Makeover team. Diaz is the new host of Bodega Makeover and can be seen in the upcoming pilot episode.

Jerry Diaz, also known as “Elmo Difoca,” the oldest son to Dominican parents, began demonstrating signs of his artistic talent at an early age. After high school, Jerry decided to experiment with his creative talents, and began his performance career as a member of a rap group called “The Pedigree.” His lyrical ability, combined with his humor piqued his interest in acting. 

Diaz can be seen in the movie Juan Bago, he has also had starring roles in independent films such as Hood Politics, The Jolopeo, and most recently The Stockroom. Diaz also co-wrote the script for and starred in the 2008 New York International Latino Film Festival promotional spot. 

Diaz is a co-founder of the New York based sketch comedy troupe, ROOM 28 and he has been featured in several viral videos and sketches, including Cuchifrito (on Flama), I Won’t Vote For You and NBC Bring the Funny. 

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